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My drive to craft a mushroom nightlight was rooted in my daughter's bedtime anxieties. No remedy or gadget seemed to soothe her troubled heart when night fell. In a stroke of inspiration, I set to work, fashioning a nightlight with the whimsical form of a mushroom. Its creation was not just about light, but about love—the mushroom cap a sheltering canopy, the stem a sturdy promise. When I presented it to my daughter, her eyes lit up, reflecting the tender glow of the little luminescent fungi. It was as if the nightlight held a magic all its own, a charm that whispered of fairy tales and safe havens. And truly, it worked wonders; beneath its comforting glow, her nighttime fears began to fade, slowly, surely, night after gentle night.

Mushroom has mysterious powers, its body is soft but its vitality is tough. It is a symbol of longevity, luck, safety and prosperity

Power supply: Style 1: Battery type, with switch, replaceable battery, Style 2: Dual-purpose USB battery.

•Battery model: 3 AAA batteries (without batteries)